Allocate the world’s resources with parsimony and achieve a sustainable economy and pleasant life at the same time.
We may be reaping benefits from overspending the world's resources today but this is no more a short-term profit. Some of these resources are already becoming limited. In order to save this wealth for future generations, it is important to cut wastage and maximize their usage by allocating them as efficiently as possible.The reduction of the waste does not intrinsically means reducing all to the necessary up to the sacrifice; it implies that people can fully live happy everyday.
With such a mission in mind, VIIMS helps its customers maximize and optimise their online business, from which effectiveness is difficult to evaluate.

Company Profile

VIIMS Co.,Ltd.

Est. Aug. 2016

Addr Tamagawagakuen,Machida,Tokyo,Japan

Phone +81 50-3569-3000

CEO Takeshi Yano


Takeshi Yano

VIIMS is setting her eyes on the world. We want to bring the Japanese brand name, which is associated with ‘Quality and Finesse’, to the rest of the world. Although we are global market players, we think of ourselves as a world-friendly 'International’ company. At VIIMS, national borders are erased and teams work harmoniously together regardless of culture, race and language. To achieve our mission, it is important for us to be 'Team Oriented’ because Together Everyone Achieves More.


Aug.2016 Incorporated.
Oct.2016 Multi Camera System released.
Dec.2016 Raspberry pi System released.
Feb.2017 Closed network Push System released.
Apr.2017 DigitalSignage for iPad released.
Sep.2017 Stock price analysis System released.
Nov.2017 Hi-Performance AD-Delivery System released.
Mar.2018 AI-Engine Library released.


Founded in 2016, VIIMS is a total web marketing solutions provider for companies that conduct marketing or businesses on the internet in Japan. Digital Marketing is an IT solution that captures online users' behavior on a certain website. This information will then be analyzed in order to churn out detailed reports on how well the website or web marketing is performing in terms of their marketing return on investment (ROI). In the field of web marketing, Digital Marketing is a very new and rapidly growing niche market that is making waves in the internet industry.
Headquartered in Tokyo, you will be working in the most dynamic city in the world and joining the winning team behind Japan's best Digital Marketing Products. The VIIMS environment has an interesting mix of people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, making us truly a global village. VIIMS practices a flat management structure giving you the freedom to pursue cutting-edge technologies and watch your ideas transform into reality.